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Self-Awareness Statement

To reflect on employability skills and begin planning and preparation for work-based learning.

“Self-awareness is a key to self-mastery.” (Rubin, n.d.)

My name is Sharanya Nitin Hejmady. I am an 19-year-old Indian female born in Mumbai, India on 16th January 2004. I attended Gems Our Own English High School, Al Warqa, whose meticulous approach to my education contributed to my studious personality. In my final two years of school, I decided to pursue a career in engineering because of this quality. My inability to find a passion for this subject left me wondering about a passion I might have missed out on.

As I skimmed through various fields and hobbies, I found the creative side of my personality itching to make an appearance. Already not fond of the mundane tasks that accompanied the tedious process of engineering, I began cultivating my visionary skills. This gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a career in media publishing and writing, which blended my desire for creativity and a flexible work environment with my refined and nurtured skill for writing. To advance in my field, I must establish myself as an ethical and moral being.

Self-awareness is a crucial skill for enhancing personal performance (McCarthy & Garavan, 1999). It entails acknowledging our traits as well as our strengths and flaws. Managing stress and releasing tension from demanding conditions will be improved by learning to deal with our weaknesses and insecurities. Understanding what makes us vulnerable is crucial if we want to find the courage to make meaningful life changes (Brown , 2018).

Keeping that in mind, I need to be conscious of several things that might lead to burnout, such as my sensitivity to criticism, reluctance to open up, the drive to excel, and my perfectionistic mentality.

Some of them are admirable qualities in many ways, but they do not always allow for the chaos of actual life.

To avoid burdening others with my problems, I find it tough to open up and be vulnerable about my troubles or opinions. Unfortunately, these have caused me to hold back from developing or sustaining relationships with friends or colleagues.

If I do not learn to strike a balance between my want to aid others and the need for relaxation and self-care, I find that I might overwhelm myself.

Although I believe my strengths make up for my shortcomings. My passionate, perceptive, and creative nature aspires to transcend the superficial and yearn for a meaningful purpose in life that enables me to embrace my creative side.

My moral and altruistic traits, on the other hand, enable me to inspire and persuade conviction and heartfelt idealism while keeping in mind how my words and actions could influence others.

My insightful nature gives me an almost uncanny ability to recognize people’s genuine needs, wants, feelings, and motives.

I aspire to work in a field that reflects my ideals and aspirations and enables me to carry out my special mission in the world. I discover that I am drawn to professions that give me the freedom and opportunity to tell stories for a living and think of ways to foster human connection. Along with helping others, I desire to learn and develop myself, as well as personally contribute to the welfare of humanity.

My university, WUC, helps me by setting the foundation I need for pursuing an advanced degree as well as prospects for job progression. It encourages problem-solving, moral principles, civic duty, and cultural variety. It equips us with the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to function as responsible leaders in the current global economy.

I understand my talent, my passion, and my dedication to upholding moral principles, but I also comprehend the nagging worry that I might fall short of my potential and fail to fully enjoy this one wild and valuable life.

Due to this, I have made it my aim to not only recognize, but also fully utilize, my talents and my flaws. Having an understanding of oneself will help us in ensuring we do not miss out on everything that was intended for us to do on this planet.


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